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  The Awesome-Books Business Opportunity!

We will put you on the road to success with your own personalized children's book business. Our all digital, process enables you to print 'bookstore quality' personalized books without purchasing a large inventory of preprinted pages, covers or expensive equipment. Other personalized book publishers require you to buy a large amount of preprinted inventory, which can cost a fortune in pre printed material costs, as well as expensive ongoing costs to keep all the titles in inventory. Using our all digital process enables you to print all of our 20 Awesome-Book collection for practically no inventory costs, the reason for this is because you do not need any expensive pre printed materials. Unlike our competitors, we do not use expensive preprinted covers, we use special quality covers that can be used for any title using our unique all digital process.

The Awesome-Books Collection

     •  A Friend for snowflake
     •  A Little Hero
     •  A Trip In A Balloon
     •  American Football Fantasy
     •  An adventure in the Zoo
     •  An Afternoon with granny
     •  Baseball Fantasy
     •  Basketball Fantasy
     •  Bible Alphabet
     •  Cricket Fantasy
     •  Football Fantasy
     •  Little Prayers For little lips
     •  Magic Spectacles
     •  Pirate Play
     •  Rugby Fantasy
     •  The Detective
     •  The Fairy Dance
     •  The Mermaid
     •  The Puzzling Mystery
     •  Treasure Hunting

The Benefits Of Using Our Software

There is no need to spend your money on expensive pre printed or unused inventory
Low startup costs - a very small amount of equipment is needed; all you need is a computer, color inkjet or laser printer, paper cutter and a long arm stapler.
Our Software is very reliable and easy to operate. 
You have no major marketing restrictions that you would incur with licensed character books 
Awesome-Books are easy to print and assemble 
We have the lowest book costs in the industry. 
(Unlike our competitors software) There are no royalty or per click fees  
We also offer unlimited customer support

Marketing Tools Are Included When purchasing
Our Awesome books Software (Click Here)

Only $99.00

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An Internet connection is only required
to unlock the programs thereafter no internet
connection is needed.

If you wish to purchase backup CD's
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System Requirements: Windows XP ,
Compatible with Windows Vista and Windows 7
(click here for Vista install procedure)


Our Personalized book Software includes twenty different books that you can print with a child's name over and over again with NO royalty or per print fees whatsoever and there are no limits to the amounts of books you can print!


Each children's story book comes with a personalized dedication page. You can also add a personalized photograph as an optional extra.

Add A Child's Name So They Can Be The Star Of The Story!
You Can Also Add Friend's Names and Sports Teams!
It's That Simple!

There is a huge difference between our personalized book software and the others. We use light pastel colors with black and white sketches for our artwork (less costly on ink) but the most important feature, is our revolutionary process of printing. One double page at a time (you never mess up a book due to incorrect page alignment, with our revolutionary software you can print both sides of each page, without ever turning the pages over in your printer tray) Making our personalized children's books is as easy as the A.B.C.

Video Tutorials

Please be patient while the below
VIDEO DEMONSTRATION loads (this can take several minutes depending on the speed of your internet connection), this video demonstration will show you how easy it is to compile your very own personalized children's books.

Click on the following link to "Compile A Book.html" to watch the video for making a book

Click on the following link to "Align.html" to watch the video for alignment

Click on the following link to "Go Back To Main Page Video " to watch a simple return to main page video

Click on the following link to "Install Instructions video" simply pop the cd into your cd drive and follow the easy instructions

Making Personalized Children's books is as easy as A.B.C.

Read Samples of Our Children's Books

Click on the links below to read samples of our
personalized children's books

The Fairy Dance
Football Fantasy

A Friend For Snowflake
The Mermaid
Magic Spectacles

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